Protection Planning

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Enjoying what you have worked hard for.

Yes, money matters, and looking after what you have  planned for the future is crucial. 

However, while your money accumulates, it is vital it is adequately protected. Your health and life are fundamental to your earnings and the future of your family. Without the right protection in place, you may be putting your family at risk.

We will work with you to help achieve the life and financial goals that will enable you to enjoy a brighter financial future. 


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A Cancer Research UK report showed more people are likely to be at risk of contracting cancer. It is not nice to think about when you have bills, mortgages, or need to support your family. You need to ask yourself: Am I protected? Are my family protected? Knowing that you/your family could cope financially will give you the peace of mind if the worst did happen, allowing life to carry on.

Protection Needs

Protection needs will differ depending on you and your family. A bigger home with a more significant mortgage, private schooling, university funding, or the need for private health insurance, all these decisions should prompt you to want to put something in place to protect you and your family. There are ways to financially support you and your family to assist serious illness treatment, provide benefits if you or your partner are unable to work and still have an income for your desired lifestyle.


The risk of contracting a serious illness grows with age. There are some other influencing factors to bear in mind as well including lifestyle and family history. These factors add up to the possibility that illness can affect us at any time and anyone.

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  • Who do you want to leave your money and assets to? 
  • What will happen to your family if you can't work? 
  • When was the last time you reviewed your protection planning?
  • How would your family cope if you died unexpectedly? 

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