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Here at MRA Ltd, we understand how important your business is and the challenges you face running a successful enterprise. We want to ensure that your company continues to thrive in the future by helping you to plan against unforeseen circumstances. In the event of a crisis your business will continue to run as efficiently as before, providing peace of mind for you, your employees and your customers.

Working with you and your business to help achieve the life and financial goals that will enable you to enjoy a brighter financial future.


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Conceptual Stage

The starting point for any business is an idea. At the conceptual stage, you have the idea and are researching how achievable building a service or product would be based on the idea. The conceptual stage process is broken down into five steps: Ideation, Competition, Organisation, Branding & Marketing and Pitching.

Procurement Stage

You now have your concept. Now it is the time to locate the goods, pay, receive the products and document the transaction. There multiple processes in the procurement stage. The procurement is exceptionally dynamic it requires constant analysis and monitoring by someone. Here are some of the steps included in the procurement stage; 1) Need recognition; 2) Specific Need; 3) Source/Examine supplier options; 4) Price and Terms; 5) Purchase Order; 6) Delivery; 7) Expediting; 8) Receipt and inspection; 9) Invoice Approval and Payment; 10) Record Keeping

Enhancement Stage

Whether it be a new business or a pre-existing business, our expertise and knowledge can help you to develop further. Working together we will develop effective ways to establish improvements in your business including conducting regular business process improvements (BPI) analysis’.

The business processes can be both formal and informal and cover a range of functions, such as IT, Employee Development/Training, Customer Satisfaction, etc. Regardless of the area, you are trying to enhance the improvement process will follow a similar path.

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