Life Centred Financial and Lifestyle Financial Planning

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We offer our clients, Life Centred Financial Planning. Plus, Lifestyle Financial Planning. These two areas provide you with the knowledge, guidance and or advice within the financial services sector.

This allows you to achieve a brighter financial future. Both are also authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) working within the UK regulatory regime.

Our life centred planners work with you to understand your financial planning requirements. We are unlike other traditional independent financial advisers that just offer financial advice – we are so much more.

We assist you, businesses and families by utilising the money you have to achieve the best quality of life you can. Life Centred Planning is about you, never about the product.

Our life centred planning looks at how your cash flow is serving your primary aims and meeting your short term goals.

Lifestyle planning is all about directional financial planning, a return on life. Lifestyle financial planners act as devil's advocate in constructing a specific life plan with you. Concluding a custom-made road map, giving you the peace of mind that your finances and future are on track. This undertaking is a positive step towards making a difference to your family, business, money and life.

We also offer our clients the ability to retain our services. By doing so will assist you with essential financial guidance throughout the rest of your life, creating a brighter financial future. Always make sure the financial advisor or planner is whom they say they are.

For your safety, there are specific professional criteria you need to seek. Firstly, and especially for your protection, go to the Financial Services Register. Enabling you to check out the individual, the firm and their details.

This information will give you greater satisfaction knowing that they are whom they say they are. And are authorised and registered in England and Wales and are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

The Financial Services Register shows all the details of the individual and the details of firms. It is also showing if they are, or have been, regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. It will tell you if any individual or firm has lost or cancelled its regulated status.

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  • Identifying your life and financial goals
  • Different investment options
  • How to protect your wealth and understanding investment risk

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