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Nothing, you are probably saying. However, if you do not make plans now, you could leave your loved ones with a hefty inheritance tax bill. Meaning more of your money is left to the taxman and less remains for your family and friends.

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The Thought of the Taxman

The thought of working all your life and then having to pass a percentage of your estate to the tax man can leave people feeling uncomfortable. There are ways to minimise liabilities, but it takes planning to do so. It is all too common that people are forced to sell properties and pay substantial tax payments because they did not seek the right advice at the right time. With some straightforward steps, you could protect what you have built up and end up saving you and your family a fortune.

Doesn't Inheritance Tax Only Affect People With Lots ofMoney?

No. Today more and more people are leaving behind IHT problems, especially if they own a property. However, the positive thing is with some planning and organising now; you could reduce a possible IHT bill in the future.

Protecting Your Money

Inheritance Tax itself can be unpreventable. However, there may be things that we can do to minimise losses. By using Trusts, careful long-term planning and valid wills, we can ensure that what you worked hard for is passed onto your beneficiaries. To understand how to look after your estate contact us today with the form above.

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  • What is inheritance tax?
  • How much do you want to leave to the taxman?
  • Who do you want to leave your assets too?
  • When was the last time you reviewed your will?

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